Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh This Budding Month of May



I have nothing good to say

When it comes to the budding month of May.

What’s my reason?

It’s the beginning of the Black Fly season.

But wait there’s more,

I need only to open up a door

And to get a whiff of the spring time breeze,

For my world to become filled with allergies.

And hiding somewhere undetected

With an aim that is so perfected,

Is a tiny little speck of black

Already planning its attack.

What a sneaky little witch.

It strikes with vengeance, and do I itch!!

It seems to like my hair line best,

I’ve scratched so much that I’m a mess.

And just look at my swollen bloodshot eyes

It’s the handy work of the damn Black Flies.

First I cough and then I wheeze.

And before to long I start to sneeze.

Really it’s a Witch,

There is not one place that I don’t itch.

I bought Kleenex down at the store,

I have used them all and I still need more.

Then I bought a gallon of citronella,

Hoping to kill the pesky feller.

What a jerk.

It didn’t work.

It seems that they’ve become attuned,

Over the years they have become immuned.

So what in hell can a person do?

Besides cough and scratch the whole month through.

Now there are places I do not wish to share,

But they have somehow invaded my underwear.

I guess I’ll just go on coughing and wheezing,

I’ll scratch a bit along with the sneezing.

I’ll swear a lot and I’ll blow my nose,

Which by now resembles a blooming rose.

I think I’ll call it my red balloon.

Perhaps it will help me prepare for June,

And the Damn Mosquitoes