Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh This Budding Month of May



I have nothing good to say

When it comes to the budding month of May.

What’s my reason?

It’s the beginning of the Black Fly season.

But wait there’s more,

I need only to open up a door

And to get a whiff of the spring time breeze,

For my world to become filled with allergies.

And hiding somewhere undetected

With an aim that is so perfected,

Is a tiny little speck of black

Already planning its attack.

What a sneaky little witch.

It strikes with vengeance, and do I itch!!

It seems to like my hair line best,

I’ve scratched so much that I’m a mess.

And just look at my swollen bloodshot eyes

It’s the handy work of the damn Black Flies.

First I cough and then I wheeze.

And before to long I start to sneeze.

Really it’s a Witch,

There is not one place that I don’t itch.

I bought Kleenex down at the store,

I have used them all and I still need more.

Then I bought a gallon of citronella,

Hoping to kill the pesky feller.

What a jerk.

It didn’t work.

It seems that they’ve become attuned,

Over the years they have become immuned.

So what in hell can a person do?

Besides cough and scratch the whole month through.

Now there are places I do not wish to share,

But they have somehow invaded my underwear.

I guess I’ll just go on coughing and wheezing,

I’ll scratch a bit along with the sneezing.

I’ll swear a lot and I’ll blow my nose,

Which by now resembles a blooming rose.

I think I’ll call it my red balloon.

Perhaps it will help me prepare for June,

And the Damn Mosquitoes


  1. Well it's about tiime you finally got back on your blog my friend!! What an appropriate poem you wrote for the first day of May!! I love it!! Margaret you are such a great writer, I wish you would put more of your poems on here! Those damned black flies bit my right ear yesterday and it itched all afternoon! I'm afraid the mosquitoes are already out too! Good to have you back.....keep on writing! What have you got to say about the Swine flu??

  2. ... Margaret's back, better than ever! This poem is ...

    So delightful and true
    No one could write this
    More accurately than you!

    You've made my day, my friend ...
    (Of course, this goes into your journal in section,
    "RICHARD's Poet, MaryMargaret" ...

    Blessings - AliceMary

  3. While scratchin an itchin
    it's hard to fight back
    when May comes round
    and the bugs attack
    Though we hate coughin and sneezin
    Its part of the season
    and though it's a bummer
    we are closer to summer
    and it gave you a reason
    to strike up your blog again
    Welcome back>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  4. I don't know, I don't know,
    would you rather have the snow?
    not me, not me, oh no, not me,
    but i don't have a allerg-ee!
    your cousin's blog led me to you,
    achoo, achoo, achoo, achoo,
    don't let those little buggers bite,
    then maybe all will be alright!

    But then again, what do I know?

  5. Hey....where the heck are you????? Come on back will ya?? My God....between you and Alice, I just don't knwow what I am going to do with you two! I like reading your blogs but apparently you are not wanting to write???? Get out of the slump will ya?? Ha ha