Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Day After Yesterday

Today I’m back in my workroom still trying to get enough inventory to open my small shop. I need to make many more flowers and today I am working on Foxglove.

Yesterday I took the day off, left the rocky coast of Maine my ( Island Paradise} for a trip to the city with it’s hustle and bustle. I would have preferred to stay home but I guess a day away once in awhile is good, at least that's what I’m told.

Yesterday was more or less a necessary trip, you see the accountant was waiting to prepare my taxes . Well old Uncle Sam was good to me this year. I got a refund, nothing to get  excited about , no trip to Bermuda, just enough for an ice cream at Big Reds,  Betty swears they make the best soft serve around and so we treated ourselves to a cone of chocolate . I had just few licks off mine . I would rather have had Kentucky Fried chicken wings, but that's a no, no when you’re a diabetic and have already cheated for the day.

Leaving yesterday morning was not something that I was looking forward to, for more then one reason.  At this time of year our ferry  goes into dry dock for four to six weeks and so in the mean time we have to take a barge to get to the mainland. The barge itself is not bad it’s just the boarding that really gets to me. Depending on the tide one usually has to back on and that means backing on two pieces of planking not much wider then your tires, and can be very steep, it makes a nervous wreck out of me.  I worry all night long if I’m going to be able to do it or not.  This year my worrying was unnecessary, the tide was right and we were able to drive right on. It turned out to be a great day our tax burden was behind us and we had a cone of soft serve. I snapped a couple of pictures on the way up and I will share them with you.

Well dinner is just about ready and the smell of food is getting to me, then it’s back to the grind , more flowers and continued work on a character.  Hopefully I’ll be back blogging tomorrow. Until then Enjoy your day.

                           Plantes Marina

The barge that we were on belongs to this marina and this is  where we boarded and left from.

McQuoit mar. 17-09

 This is the McQuoit, a passenger ferry arriving at the passenger slip as we were leaving the island.

Harbor side of island

This is the harbor side of the island. Not much to look at in March but just wait until May.


Fort Gorges

Fort Gorges, this fort was commissioned by George Washington.


  1. I´m just waiting for the last papers so I can go to my accountant for last Years taxes. Today I sent my papers to end my little buisness, a gardencenter I owned, so next year will be tha last that I need an accountant. But she is great so I almost feel sad about not needing her services any more.

    Beautiful pictures, a lot of memories popped up in my mind when I saw them. Grew up in Gotheburg before I moved here and was often out on the sea with my sailingboat and visited islands along the coastline.

  2. Hi Margaret! Another great blog! I forgot you had to take the barge this time of year and I am with you my friend...backing up on planks is NOT for me but glad you did not have to. You DO need to get out of that house once in a while or else you become a recluse like Howard Hughes...well maybe not that bad but you know what I mean! Nice photos and always a fantastic blog! Love ya...cuz

  3. Yup good pictures and it looks like you had a good day to hit the city.That ice cream sounded good are you sure you only had a few licks.We had choclate ice cream the other night too and I couldnt get by with just a few licks.

  4. Oh, Margaret, how can one get by w/just a couple licks of chocolate ice crean! Woody, our 'cookie-monster' and ice cream bandit, always takes more than he ought to as a #2 diabetic that he takes dreadful chances with ... Cookies, cake, ice cream, butterscotch candy balls, gravy, etc. I can't stop him so I say prayers to an overweight, diabetic, stubborn, off the charts, saint! What else can I do. I'm no slim and slender
    lady - more like 'tugboat Annie' ...

    I do love your pictures - Not too crazy about that barge! Backing up on two planks? Not on your life! Ask Deb or Bob how GeeGee used to back up. Behind the wheel, especially so, I could make a hula dancer cry in envy! Backing up on two planks the size of my thighs? Never happen! I couldn't even backup on a Concord tarma!

    So ... Congratulations, Margaret and as for 'B' ... Now that's a person deserving of the Bronze Star!

    Admiration and wonder - GeeGee ...