Monday, March 16, 2009

It’s On Its Way!

When it comes to my blog, it has sort of been on the back burner. I hope to catch up with myself one of these days and maybe find out which direction I’m headed in. I think that Debbie to has lost her way, perhaps she’s out there some where in space. It seem like the feeling of spring has crept up on us, although it has not brought the warmth with it. It feels like a cold 33 degrees right now and I like it warmer. It does however give one hope. Yesterday I ventured outside for a short journey around the island took these pictures and I saw some Pusey willows poking their heads out from beneath the snow, what an awesome sight. There are still banks of snow where the plow did its thing and they are always the last to go. Some of the summer folks have come by to check on their cottages that is always a good sign. The birds to are enjoying the warmth of the sun, their singing is coming from every tree and the deer were out this morning looking around for something to eat. Oh yes it definitely is on its way. One morning a couple of weeks ago I was getting my breakfast and I happened to look outside the window and looking in from a branch that hangs very close to the house was this robin and I mentally wrote this poem which I shall share with you .



Car Ferry Approaching 2006

back shore 1

             Good  Morning Mr. Robin

Good morning Mr. Robin, with your brightly colored vest,

Your feathers seem a wee bit ruffled, could this be the sign of some protest.

Perhaps the chilly winds of springtime, which seem so reluctant to let go.

Well we best be happy my old friend for they had predicted snow.

And I too know the feeling and I just don’t think its fare,

For who in the early springtime needs this blast of arctic air.

So let’s hope for both our sakes that its stay is rather brief,

For my old bones are aching and I’m in the need of some relief.

So won’t you please sing your song to brighten up my day,

I need some reassurance that spring is here to stay.


  1. Love Your little poem!
    Spring has come further at Yours than at Beanfarm it seemes. The birds are singing and the cranes has started to arrive to the cranelake :-)

  2. Your picture of the bay looked so inviting although we are so close to the ocean we seldom see it living here in the woods.We must soon make a trip to see it. Perhaps an italian sandwich at east end beach or a ride to Two Lights to see the waves crashing on the rocks.

  3. Margaret....I LOVE the photos and your blog today! It makes me want to come over there! You are a true poet my friend....did you really just write that out of your head??? Unbelievable! You really need to start writing these things down. And by the way....I wrote in my blog today finally! Funny...I went to yours right after I finished and you had written too! Now we need to get Alice on the stick...ha ha....great job as always....your cuz