Saturday, March 21, 2009

It’s Here


The cold winter has finally taken it’s bow though the curtain  has not really fully closed ,the cold chilly air seems to hang around. There were many walkers out  an about today, perhaps getting there legs back in shape  after the long winter and the slippery roads. I enjoy seeing them taking their long brisk strides remembering what it was once like for myself ,now I just watch and dream. Now my days consist of new adventures like having time to write poetry and sculpting miniature flowers and crazy charters. Enjoyment come in many ways and changes with the different stages life has to offer. Blogging as certainly open up a new avenue for me I just wish I had more time to put into it, perhaps after I get my shop stocked with my flowers etc. I will be able to blog more. But for now its only when time allows or the sprit moves me.





I cannot not wait for the first kiss of spring.

When the rivers de-ice and the robins sing,

When old man winter has released the sod,

And every darn inch of the ground has thawed

Then I’ll drop down on my arthritic knees,

And plant me a package of Burpee’s Sweet Peas

And hope they’ll be forever blooming.


  1. Thanks again for sharing your words your wit your poems and drawings.You have brightened my blogging experiance immensley.

  2. Everything you and 'B' produce, and are as special people, will bloom forever!
    Your cartoon-sketch delighted me! A pro couldn't do better ...Your poems never fail to stop by and visit w/each reader as if long-time friends.

    Thanks, friend Margaret - Love, GeeGee

  3. Love your lady and your poems Margaret! You should have been a cartoon artist and many many other things. Glad we get the honor of sharing your talent with you here. Keep up the good work and share some more good stories with us. I see all these beautiful house on blogs and yours is one of the most beautiful I have seen too....share it with us!...Love ya cuz..