Thursday, March 5, 2009

Someone Asked Me Why


        Someone Asked Me Why

Someone asked me what would you like to be,

I answered a bird up in a tree

Then they asked  me a bird, but why?

And I answered because  if I  were a bird could fly.

I would soar across the land and sea,

Then I would land in the highest tree

And from my mansion in the sky

I would sing , as I watched the world pass by.


I took a few  days of from the blog, it seems that my well has run dry. don’t ask me why.I seem to find that most  bloggers have either a cat or a dog and that gives them something for which to blog. Then there is the weather and somehow I feel we all get the same thing , every new day will bring ,something, rain ,sleet or snow and so, my time away and I kid you not , as not left me with a single thought ,about which to write , and so it’s best  that  I say goodnight and I’ll be back  to blog again real soon, perhaps it will take  a new moon, get me started.


  1. Enjoy your time off is what I say
    your readers will miss you while your away
    be that bird that sits in the tree
    flap your wings and fly over the sea
    and when you come back it will all be swell
    and we will all be ready to drink from your well

  2. Nice poem!
    Yes it does sure help to have cats or dogs when blogging :-)

  3. Hello, dear friend ...

    You do fly! In your writings and in your poetry and w/your mind that, as all of us, does go blank once in awhile. The well indeed runs dry! I draw a profound blank when I try to write in my novel and try to produce for my blog. Perhaps in time I'll be able to do that but not now therefore, I'm going to have to reduce my blogging-time to once or twice aweek though I will continue to read my favoreites and leave a comment.

    Truly, I will miss your writings and poetry - The latter having the widest and stongest wings providing flight to the most sumptuous of your imagery!
    You are a gifted poetess, Margaret, and a creative sculpturer.

    So, please, protect your talents and your energy ... Take a break ... Blog once aweek or once a month. Whatever grants you satisfaction and easiness.
    And I will do the same because my 'free bird' can't gain altitude if I keep restraining it.

    With fondness and admiration for you and 'B' ... GeeGee

  4. Great writing as usual my friend. Glad to have you back on board! You have more stories, poems, and music in your head than most people I know. You have plenty to write about! Just the stories you tell me and so precious I cannot even tell you! I want to hear more stories about when you were young and grew up in Yarmouth.....keep em ya! your cuz