Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Envy March

Some one told me it is the first of March and that it is snowing outside, I’ve been so busy making my miniature flowers that I haven’t even looked outside of my work room. But it sure looks like winter is really reluctant to let go.  Woody, I no longer see green grass under my birch tree; I guess that caller who told me it was coming knew what they were talking about. Let’s hope the amount that they mentioned is wrong.


             I Envy March

I envy March as it rustles your hair

And wraps you within it’s embrace

It blows in your ear

And plants kisses on your face

The way I’d like to do.

Oh, if only I were March

I’d be a gentle wind.


  1. a gentle wind woud sure be nice
    much better than all this snow and ice
    all your poems and flowers
    brings spring closer by hours

  2. Oh My God Margaret! I think the rhyming is rubbing off on Woody too! Nice job and yes...we ARE getting about a foot of snow or more they say! Ugggggg....bring on spring already!

  3. How comfortably she writes -
    How dreamful her
    thoughts beneath,
    A presence of pine;
    a whiff of myrrh
    Does she so easily to us bequeath,
    With thought and ink and lamplight -

    Thank you, Margaret ... GeeGee

  4. Dear Margaret ...
    The first time I met you was when Debbie and Bob brought me to your island paradise. It was there that I was able to really see the extent and excellence of your art from your painted flowers along the foundation wall of your home and your within your attractive gift shop. There, a variety of miniscule sculptured bouquet flowers and figures were displayed with panache and elegance. This was art presented at its best. I was in awe.

    Later, following a delicious lunch, I read a booklet of your published poems and some of your loose works that I think were in a desk drawer and others pulled from somewhere else. One poem in particular, you recited.
    I was in awe and inspired to return to my pen-scribblings and paint splashes so many years shoved away and try, once more, to express myself.

    You were the inspiration and the motivation that eventually led me to paint 'Debbie's Ladies' and to my blog that Deb and Bob catapulted us both towards becoming envolved in.

    I'm but a student, Margaret and dare say that without your influence, through your distinguished art and writings, I'd still be doing genealogy and wishing I could be doing more.

    You have your niche and have encouraged me to mine. This is the heart of a true artist. Thank you, Margaret, thank you very much.

  5. Sometimes, reading what Margaret..or AliceMary just too is much and I cannot find words to express my feelings. I wish I could. I feel love with a depth I have never witnessed before. A love of people, of life and of self.
    I am so privileged to know both of you...
    I realize this is on Margarets blog..but I doubt she minds my words to AliceMary.
    My love to you both. In your presence I grow.