Tuesday, February 10, 2009

About Me: Margaret


  1. Congradulations and welcome to the wonderful world of bloggin.I look forward to following your progress as you put forth your talents.

  2. Well, I've done it again, Margaret! Posted a comment and, whoosha, it was gone into the Cyber space grid before it got posted!
    Anyway, dear lady, I am so glad that Deb and Bob were able to finally have their faith and confidence rewarded by you agreeing to board this blogging train to fame and fortune - Not! However, it will introduce your magnificent poetry and intricate artistic work to our world at large. What an audience! Once folks check you out, they'll become ardent admirers and followers. This I am convinced of and suggest that all other writings of yours must have permission from you to be used. Just a thought, dear. I don't know how that works or even if it merits attention but your work is a 'money-earner'. I'm probably way out in left field with this ...

    Just know that those of us who know you are excited that you are sharing your talents with others ... Thank you and God's Blessings. I am one of your fans ... AliceMary