Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two days after the storm!

Well we got socked again with only 8 inches this time and mixed with freezing rain made it very heavy to say the least. We have ended up with lots of ice everywhere and that is much worse than the snow for us. Therefore not much melting today or yesterday and probably no different tomorrow. Took a short ride around the island today and like everyone took a few pictures. I will put a couple in to show you.  Take a look at the geese they were in the middle of the road and wouldn’t move so we had to wait until they decided to move along and when they did they came right up to my window and took a look in the car. We thought they might start pecking at the door so we went around them.  There was a car that came along and got the same greeting. I guess they just wanted to let you know who had the right of way. I am still busy making flowers.  Oh yes I wanted to add the materials I use are 3 different types, Cernet, Femo & Super Sculpy.  That is going to be it for now  will try and blog again tomorrow.


2-24-09 Corner by Ice Pond



2-24-09 Corner Oakland, whitehead   Island



2-24-09 Geese On Whitehead St.



2-24-09 Out Kit Window


2-24-09 Island Ave.  From End of Reed Ave


  1. Beautiful pictures!
    I just love geese even if they sometimes are quite nasty if one comes to close :-) My neighbour had two geese before and as long I had my dogs with me there were no problems, but outherwise they attaced without mercy :-)

    Cernet I´ve heard about befor, but not the two other things. Are they similar to cernet? Love Your flowers!

  2. Great pictures, Margaret! The geese remind me of the geese we used to have - They were possessed, I'm sure! Between our geese and a ram named, Seth, we became super paranoid because they seemed to take great satisfaction in charging us. One day, Seth pinned son, Chuck, against the barn door! We also had a goat named, Nellie (sweet Nellie). Not! She was bad, bad, bad. We had her bred as heard that this would calm her and she'd be friendlier. She had twins and now we had three people-hating goats hell-bent on wiping out our species!
    Take care, my friend ...

  3. The pictures of the snow were wonderful. I had no idea geese would be out in snow. They must not be wild. I know snow is sometimes difficult to live in but I have pictures of snow in my home and beg relatives from New England to send some to me and often wish I lived in an area that had Winters like that. My childhood memories of Portland Oregon haunt me at times..and I long for it. Those were some of the very best days of my life..spent in snowy Winters..
    I will probably always miss and long for those days.