Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Beginning

Ten years ago give take a few

I got bit by the bug like a lot of us do

I mulled it over and finally gave in

And for the next six months  it was like living in sin

Have you guessed what it was yet, should I give it a name

I could say HP, Dell or Gateway they all are the same

I did not know honestly what to expect

The damn thing  near drove me crazy, a complete mental wreck

I knew there was no way in winning, not by myself

So I put it back in it’s box and up on a shelf

Each time I walked by I would give it a glance

Tempted to give it a try, just one more chance

I raved about it to anyone who would listen, I finally hit dirt

So I gave him a try ,after all what could it hurt.

Well for three months he showed me all of his interests no interest in mine

I can tell you honestly I was nearly out of my mind

I just wasn’t getting it and my pool was running low

At fifty bucks a whack how long can you go?

Then he showed me email and somehow I caught on

The next thing I knew he had moved and was


I finally said to hell with this thing

And about three weeks later I heard the phone ring

It was my cousin Debbie from whom I had not heard from in years

And she helped me to end my lingering fears

We chatted about old memories, but this is the best

Then we mentioned the computer and you know the rest.

She said her husband was a computer guru

And he would be glad to show me, believe me it’s true

After three weekends I made the test

Now I’m up and blogging and doing my best

But last night something happened, I made a mistake 

And as you know one little move is all it will take

Now I no longer have some of my blogs and it matters not

I just hope it’s not dementia but that I simply forgot

Now I’ve  tried to explain to myself as best that I could

Should I  get them back, I’ll  repost them or  I think that I would

But for now I’ll just wonder if there somewhere in space

And I’ll just blog in something new that will take up their place.

Just so you’ll get  a better idea  of what my computer beginning was like I am inserting an old poem I wrote back when I started . Hope you all will bare with me but poetry is the only way I seem to be able to express myself.



                         MAYBE SOMEDAY

Six months have passed and I don’t know where they’ve gone

I only know for certain, I’m no further along

I keep ranting and raving, pulling out my gray hair

I have moments of depression and I don’t think it’s fair

But I have persistence and just keep clicking away

While frustration overcomes me a little more every day

And yet I keep trying even though it don’t work

Then a message pops up indicating some kind of a quirk

Now I am really confused!  And I don’t think it’s fair

The damn thing says “Click”, but it doesn’t say where

So I ponder a moment then take one more chance

Wrong once again!  I don’t seem to advance

Perhaps I clicked left when I should have clicked right

Could this be the reason things have vanished from sight

Oh thank God for the emails!  It’s my saving grace

For here I feel comfy and I can keep up with the pace

And I forget for the moment what this thing really cost

When I reconnect with old friends I thought sure I had lost

We relate to the weather, pickup with new friends

Review the high price of oil or the best buy on Depends

Now it’s here at this moment I realize that I’m old

And that it’s not really ALT, Delete or holding down on Control

I have heard that this thing is user friendly, mine must have a defect

No doubt something that the factory failed to detect

So I called technical support to ask for advice

They suggested, before clicking I had better think twice

I say “forget it” I’ve already tried that

There’s only one reason and I know it’s the cat

It all began when Felix moved into the house

And started playing around with this thing called a Mouse

So now after all my ranting and raving about,

I can honestly say that I’m no longer in doubt

It was never my clicking, I can forget about that

You see instead of a Mouse, the factory sent me a RAT


  1. Writeing and ryming you do them both great
    and making them flowers that took such long hours
    to see your next blog I can hardly wait

  2. I nearly fell off my chair
    When I read this post
    As they said in the "50's"
    It's the absolute MOST!

    Hugs and smiles to you..

  3. Margaret....Bobbie laughed so hard when I read this to him! He said "That's what I'm looking for! Great Margaret!!" This was so funny and guess who I thought of? I thought of Alice/GeeGee!! This has happened to her many times! She would lose things in cyberspace and we all would get a chuckle out of it. You two have much in common. You sure do know how to rhyme and it looks like you are getting others to do it too! Great stuff...keep it up!