Friday, February 13, 2009

An Old Fashion Valentine

Just want to wish all of you Bloggers out there a very happy Valentines Day!


An Old Fashion Valentines Day

I remember when Valentines Day

Meant a box of chocolates or a pretty bouquet

But Lovers today consider this as old fashion

They need Viagra and condoms to rekindle their passion

I’m still grateful for the chocolates and pretty bouquet

For the memories we shared which are still with me today

And for those who think of us old folks as being over the hill

Or say that we’re no longer active because we don’t need the pill

Should remember that the world is full of romance

And as long as there is an old man who can fiddle

There will be an old woman to dance

He’ll still give her chocolates or a pretty bouquet

And they’ll still find their thrill on Valentines Day



  1. Great post Margaret I love those drawings you are gonna be asuper blogger.

  2. Margaret, there's no one I know more talented or wiser than you! You are one of a kind ... You nailed it w/your valentine poem and your sketches (drawn w/your mouse) are wonderful ... Glad to know ya!

  3. I love it Margaret! Keep on a writing my friend! Happy Valentines to you guys too! Love the pictures you drew as well. Very cool.:)...your cuz