Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forbidden Sweets

This was a strange kind of day first it looked like rain and then the fog came in and blocked the harbor view, I decided to work on my miniature plants, tulips, lilies and foxglove. That didn’t seem to be the answer to my wanting. There seemed to be a gnawing in the pit of my stomach that called for food just a little something that would satisfy a diabetic you no ,something that is forbidden in the diabetic world, so I said oh to hell with it and fulfilled my desire. As a result came this feeling of guilt.

Forbidden Sweets

Today I’ll admit I was some kind of a cheat

Like a cockroach in a pastry shop

With a mission to eat

Chocolate cookies and a cup of weak tea

I find little difference between the cockroach and me .


  1. are a littel diabetic cochroach huh? I think you far surpass him my friend! Nice poem Margaret! You are something else when it comes to these poems. I hope you are writing them down to put in a book form....wonderful! I am a sugar addict too....I have to have chocolate and hotballs and whatever substitutes those and throughout all that I claim to be on a diet! Hah! I guess I am like the cochroach too!...ha ya...your cousin

  2. Well, here's another voice from another cochroach backstage ... Your recent poem tickled my fancy and and tickled my ribs! You are a marvelous multi-talent, Margaret - Bravo!

    Your Abraham Lincoln essay entered my mind and heart ... I've always loved him since childhood - A great man who stood for the equality of the slaves who he saw as rightful citizens of our United States - Thank you Margaret for for bringing him into the blogging realm and reminding us of his great compassion, political insightedness and morality.
    A fan of your art and writings -